"I’m living the active life I thought I’d never see again Thanks to Women’s Pelvic Health & Continence Center."
- Betty S.

"I’ve been a loyal patient of Dr. Bailey’s. He’s delivered all my children; so I consider him and his friendly staff “family”. Even though my children are grown and on their own now, I still go to Dr. Bailey for all my gynecological needs. His staff and providers always treat me as if I were family, not just a patient. He’s been a blessing in so many ways. I would recommend Dr. Bailey to women of all ages!"
- Kathy L.

"I am a healthy woman in my early fifties. Urinary frequency has been increasing over the last two years. I found a bathroom stop necessary every thirty to forty-five minutes. I began to have to urinate three or four times during the night. This whole cycle had become very disruptive to my regular daily routines, and even was affecting my freedom to make a simple car trip longer than about an hour. I began to limit my intake of fluids, to no help. I started to feel that this was a fact of life I was going to have to accept and just learn to live with. It was most discouraging to me, as I have always been a physically active person.

Just when I thought there was no resolution to this situation, a friend recommended Dr. Greg Bailey at Women’s Pelvic Health & Continence Center. His compassionate and experienced staff played a critical role in my successful outcome. I only wish I had contacted them sooner. I have become vocal to friends and family in my age group with similar problems so that they too can regain control of their lives in the area of frequent urination."
- Lynn M.