We are North Central Florida's Premier Center for the Treatment of Women's Bladder and Bowel Control Issues and Pelvic Organ Prolapse.

You are not alone. 60 % of women develop bladder control issues and 15% develop bowel control issues.  10% of women undergo some sort of surgical intervention related to bladder or bowel control or prolapse.  Dr. Greg Bailey has been practicing gynecology in the Gainesville area since 1990.   In September of 2005, in response to the great number of women struggling with Pelvic Floor Disorders, he established "Women's Pelvic Health". Now, in addition to the outstanding gynecological care that the Center provides, his team helps women confronted with the symptoms caused by weakening of the Pelvic Floor.

Gynecological Care

Women's Pelvic Health provides complete gynecological care including routine annual exams, abnormal pap treatment, menstrual flow disorders and menopause.

Treatment of Pelvic Floor Disorders

When faced alone, conditions such as diminished bladder control, vaginal prolapse, anal incontinence and pelvic pain can seem embarrassing and confusing. In fact, millions of women across the United States are dealing with these issues. Women's Pelvic Health offers life-changing information and solutions to women struggling with these problems. With an extraordinary level of attention and understanding, we walk our patients through the many options available for treating Pelvic Floor Weakening and its symptoms.

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